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Become a Transition Planning Professional

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STPI programs provide your clients with a framework to develop a meaningful “next chapter” in The Platinum Years℠.  As a trained coach, will gain these benefits:

·  Education for Life

·  Experiential Learning

·  Web-based training

·  Money-back Guarantee

·  Act as an independent consultant

·  Member of STPI's Advisor Network

Download this free overview to learn more about the Transition Advisor Program. If interested, you will sign up for the program through The Successful Transition Planning Institute. The training program costs $1,000. If you  mention  RIA Match, you will receive a $100 savings. Contact Paul Cronin at the Successful Transition Planning Institute in Cambridge MA 978-749-9546 or email him at paul@theplatinumyears.com www.successfultransitionplanning.com

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