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Excerpt from Caleb Brown's Successful Hiring for Finanical Planners: The Human Capital Advantage

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Is your firm utilizing its human capital advantage?

From determining your hiring needs, to crafting an effective job description, identifying and vetting top talent, to making the right compensation offer, Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is a straightforward guide that provides practical wisdom and real-world experience for how to effectively execute the hiring process for your first (or next) financial planning hire in your growing advisory firm.

Inside this guide you will learn:

·  How to develop an appealing career track

·  When you should begin the hiring process

·  How to let your firm's culture recruit for you

·  The art and science of screening candidates

·  How to overcome common hiring struggles

·  Practical tips to handle underperformers

·  How to develop a succession plan

Successful Hiring for Financial Planners delivers a comprehensive plan to help your firm grow so you can serve the consumers who are in need of your guidance the most.

Download Chapter 7 here.


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