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DeVoe and Company's Valuation Services Overview

Category: M&A Issues

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DeVoe & Company offers three different levels of valuation services. 

•       All three levels are deeply rooted in the discounted cash flow methodology, the most comprehensive approach to valuing financial services organizations. 

•       Each level also appropriately weights cash flow comparables and revenue comparables as part of the analysis.  

•       The three levels differ in terms of the degree of customization and the amount of  collaboration with management in refining the analysis that is part of the assessment.

•       Read through the free PowerPoint slideshow for details of our services, which include:

Level I – Defined Model-$5,000 (discounted 10% to $4,500 if referred through the RIA Match Store)

Level II – Customized Model-$10,000 (discounted 10% to $9,000 if referred through the RIA Match Store)

Level III – Fully Customized Model-$15,000 (discounted 10% to $13,500 if referred through the RIA Match Store)


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