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"Assess Your Match" with The Partnership Resource Partnership

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The Compatibility Assessment explores the distinctive make-up of your partnership dynamics.  The assessment brings awareness to how your partnership can best leverage each partner’s skills and behaviors, and how well underlying motivators are aligned. Your partnership will be able to harness the energy of your natural compatibility, complementary skills, and alignment of your values.  You will also receive advice on how to better deal with conflict.  This is an efficient and in-depth way to get to really know your matches.

How does it work?

Step 1: Assess yourself using The Partnership Resource’s online tool.

Step 2: Your current or prospective partners each take their own individual assessment. Click here to get an assessment. 

Step 3: After you check out, the reports be combined into a Compatibility Assessment (please allow 24 hours to receive your report; the report will go to both email address listed.)

Step 4: Within 24 hours, a link will be sent to you to schedule a 1-hour session to go over the results of the reports and how they relate to your partnership issues.

What do I get?

15-page Compatibility Assessment showing best practices for decision making, roles, and conflict resolution methods

 Partnership Compatibility Score showing natural compatibility between 2 people

1-hour session to debrief the reports and go over the implications with the partners.



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