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The Enduring Advisory Firm: How to Serve Your Clients More Effectively and Operate More Efficiently

Mark C. Tibergien, Kimberly G. Dellarocca
Added on February 2017
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Summary: The Enduring Advisory Firm is a book for the forward-thinking financial advisor. Financial advisement is traditionally a hands-on field, so few in the industry feel threatened by the shifting social and technological landscape. In this book, Mark Tibergien—routinely named one of the most influential people in the financial services world—and Kim Dellarocca make a compelling case for taking a closer look at technology and other big-deal industry trends in order to move the business of financial advice into the next stage of its evolution.

Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future' by Kim Ann Curtin

Kim Ann Curtin
Added on April 2015
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Tested in the Trenches: A 9-Step Plan for Success as a New-Era Advisor

Ron Carson and Steve Sanduski
Added on December 2012
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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Turning the American Dream into a Nightmare

Oonagh McDonald
Added on September 2012
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Values Based Financial Planning

Bill Bachrach
Added on September 2012
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