In our recent webinar, ‘M&A Success Drivers: How to Align Firm Culture and Integration’ we were privileged to have Beverly Flaxington, co-founder of The Collaborative, to share her insights and process on how to identify a strong culture fit and then integrate two firms.

Finding the right firm to sell to or buy is a high stakes decision and a challenge for many RIAs. Firm culture is a critical component to the success of a deal. Firm integration impacts the profitability for all parties.Bev provided insight on the criteria to assess and understand a firm’s culture, how to ready your staff for the changes ahead, and the essentials for retaining the clients through the sale.

As a bestselling author, international Keynote speaker, and college professor, Beverly brought a distinctive and actionable perspective for business growth and success. To listen to a replay of the webinar, click here.

To encourage you to include firm culture as well valuation and revenue multiples, we created a 12-Point Culture Match Checklist as a guide for M&A discussions. The questions, while easy to ask, are harder to vet then one would think.

12 Point Culture Match Checklist

  • We have a clearly defined culture
  • Culture is part of our strategic planning discussions
  • If you asked a variety of our employees to describe our culture they would all use similar words to do so
  • Our leaders lead on culture
  • We can describe our culture to others in M & A discussions
  • The Client Experience at our firm is a strong driver of culture
  • We review our culture at least once a year to make sure we are in alignment with what we say, and what we actually do
  • We deliberately hire people who are a fit for our culture and confirm this in the interview process
  • When thinking about merging or acquiring another firm, culture is at the top of our list in terms of priorities to discuss
  • We would walk away from an M & A opportunity if the culture was not a fit
  • We have a plan for how we will incorporate culture into a merger once completed
  • We have a communication plan for announcing the merger to our clients