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How To Assess Yourself and Your Match to Ensure Success

May 2018

Deciding who joins your team or becomes your successor is a daunting risk-filled task.

Learn how to uncover your own strengths and values, and how they impact your decision-making and communication with a certified coach.

Then, measure the strength of your alignment with your matches using the compatibility assessment tool and explore the implications in a joint facilitated session.

Mary Ann Buchanan will interview Tanya Rapacz, Founder of The Partnership Resource and Harvard- trained negotiator who co-founded, merged and then ultimately sold her RIA.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Assess Yourself – Gain powerful self-awareness paired with a clear understanding of your motivations
Assess Your Match – Get a clear picture of this partnership’s dynamics and how they relate to your joint goals



Tanya Rapacz

Founder and CEO

The Partnership Resource


Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder and CEO of RIA Match






5 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Practice

Mary Ann Buchanan, April 2018

Watch Our Webinar 

Deciding whether and when to sell your firm is a painfully poignant and often existential decision for many RIA principals.

Tony Whitebeck, CEO of Key Management Group along with Todd Doherty, Director and M&A Coach at Key Management Group, share their perspective and explore 5 reasons to consider selling your firm.

In this webinar you will

  • Understand the psychological impact of a sale
  • Explore the shifting landscape of the financial services industry
  • Learn why now might be the best time to sell



Tony Whitbeck, CEO

Key Management Group

Todd Doherty, Director and M&A Coach

Key Management Group


Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder RIA Match






M&A Success Drivers: How to Align Firm Culture and Integration Webinar

October 2017

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Finding the right firm to sell to or buy is a high stakes decision and a challenge for many RIA principals. Firm culture is critical component to the success of a deal. Firm integration impacts the profitability for all parties.  Beverly Flaxington, Co-Founder of The Collaborative, share her insights and process on how to identify a strong culture fit and integrate two firms.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The criteria to assess and understand a firm’s culture
  • How to ready your staff for the changes ahead
  • The essentials for retaining the clients through the sale

As a bestselling author, international Keynote speaker, and college professor, Beverly brings a distinctive and actionable perspective for business growth and success. This is a must attend webinar for buyers, sellers and mergers!


Beverly Flaxington


The Collaborative

Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder RIA Match.








Internal Successors: How to Identify and Keep Them

February 2017

Work through this framework and checklist to identify your internal successor!

A one hour webinar with actionable takeaways.

Finding the right successor is where the rubber meets the road and a challenge for many RIA principals. Kelli Cruz, founder of Cruz Consulting Group, shares her process on how to find and keep internal successors. She’ll cover a career-track framework for grooming your firm’s next principals.

In this webinar you will learn:
• How to Create A Succession Planning Framework & Checklist
• The Criteria for Determining a Successor
• The Ten Essentials of an Internal Succession Plan



Kelli Cruz


Cruz Consulting Group

Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder RIA Match.








Succession and Compatibility: 3 Tools That Ensure a Great Match


Learn how to determine if your potential successor will be a sustainable match.

3 tools will give you the information you need to assess the fitness of your match. Mary Ann Buchanan interviews Tanya Rapacz, Founder of The Partnership Resource.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

●  Grade the Strength of Your Match

●  Uncover Your Real Interests, and Theirs

●  Get a Playbook for the Best Communication Practices




Tanya Rapacz

The Partnership Resource




Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder and  CEO of RIA Match.





Succession Planning: What To Do With Your Business and Your LIfe

November 2016

A 1 hour presentation.

Learn how to re-think and re-frame your succession.

Mary Ann Buchanan interviews Jack Beauregard, founder of Successful Transition Planning Institute  who presents his "head" and "heart" approach to improve our ability to make thoughtful and strategic succession planning decisions.

In the webinar you will discover:

  • Your personal identity determines your “what’s next” decision
  • The negative processes of positive thinking hold owners back
  • Being true to yourself allows you to know what you really want to





Jack Beauregard

Successful Transition Planning Institute.




Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder and  CEO of RIA Match.








How to Achieve Marketing Success: Content + Design

A 1 hour presentation.

Industry studies show that high performing advisory firms market strategically. If you’re looking to move the needle and grow your firm, focusing on content and design can be a great place to improve your marketing.

  • Learn how to develop a marketing content calendar
  • Create consistent design brand guidelines 
  • Leverage marketing automation platforms



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Bill McGuire


W. M. McGuire, LLC


Amanda Newman


All Things Design

Mary Ann Buchanan

Founder and  CEO of RIA Match.






How To Be A Stand Out Buyer

November 2015

Watch our 1 hour panel discussion.

There is an inescapable truth that exists in the RIA community. The fact is an overwhelming majority of advisory firms want to buy another firm. How do you stand out in the crowded field of buyers?

  • Learn what it takes to get a seller’s attention; it’s not what you think
  • Gain insights from an experienced buyer
  • Discover an assessment process you can use



Rick Shoff

Managing Director


Paul Cronin


Successful Transition Planning Institute

Emily Chiang

A Successful Seller

Mary Ann Buchanan


Founder and  CEO of RIA Match.




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