Dedicated to the First Adopters of RIA Match

Thank you being a first adopter in the RIA Match Community. 

RIA Match is dedicated to giving you the tools to find the right match for you!

98% of completed profiles are matched.


Statistics on your matching pool as of 11/15/12:

  • 8 weeks since RIA Match’s inaugural launch
  • 225 advisors and advisory firms registered
  • From 25 states
  • 523 Indications of Interest (IOIs) have been sent. You are connecting!
  • 154 internal emails sent. You are communicating! 

The adoption and early success of the site is exciting for members and users.                                    We believe this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Please read on for best practices to enhance your user experience:


Match List Tip #1


If your matches are not as  geographically close as you would like them to be . . .   

1) Sort your matches by distance. From your Match List, click on the heading “Distance” to view your closest matches first. 

2) Tighten up your search criteria. Go to your Dashboard, in the right column, click Edit My Matching Profile. At My Matching Profile, click on the What’s Important tab in the bottom right.  At the What’s Important tab, move the slider bar for Location towards or on “It’s a Dealbreaker.” Think of the What’s Important tab as casting your fishing net, slider bar to the right is narrowing your net, slider bar to the left is widening it. Your new matches will be closer.                                                                                                                                                     

Note: In order to take a profile off your list you will need to Block them. From your Match List, click on their profile number. Once at their profile, in the toolbox on the left, click Block Profile.


Match List Tip #2


If your matches are not currently prioritized so you are weeding through the list . . .

1) Sort your matches by Match Quality Ranking and Your Match Rating. On your Match List, click on the column headers. Each sort will show you which profiles have the highest match quality rankings and which profiles you have given the highest star rating.  

2) Explore the Advanced Filter and narrow your list even further. . .more discussion of the Advanced Filter next time.

If you are just joining – some things you should know:

  • It takes about 25 minutes to complete your profile.
  • Matches are run every hour.
  • Once a profile is created, you are placed in the matching pool and your Match List is automatically populated with people and practices that share your objectives. 
  • All profiles, whether under the Basic (free) Plan or a paying plan can send an Indication of Interest; it’s like winking or poking on other social media sites. See this in the Toolbox of your matched profiles.
  • To view the Enhanced Profile and send emails upgrade to either the Personal or Premium Plans.

Also. . .  

We want to continue to improve the user experience. Please share ideas about what you like, and how to improve, in the comments section of the post. We’d love to read what you think.

All the best,

Mary Ann

PS Haven’t completed your profile yet? 

Your match could be waiting for you! Contact us if you have questions.