Philosophy and culture are as important as the numbers.

Price, valuation and deal terms are all critically important. However, if the philosophy and culture of your proposed match are misaligned, the best-crafted deal will likely underperform, if it survives at all. We believe in an approach that gives equal consideration to qualitative and quantitative attributes.

Advisors deserve an integrated, efficient experience

The process to achieve your strategic goal—whether to buy, sell, merge, join or add advisors to your firm - can be challenging and disjointed.  In contemplating this professionally defining moment, we believe Advisors should have a choice to access a “concierge,” an industry expert who will quarterback your plan of action, coordinate all necessary resources, produce optimal choices and guide you every step of the way to your ideal match. 

The best opportunity comes from combining the best of expert consulting and sophisticated technology-driven matching.

The pressure to make the “right” decision is great. Too few options may leave an advisor second-guessing themselves; too many choices may feel overwhelming.  We believe Advisors can benefit from a consultative solution that is anchored in personalized guidance yet complemented by unbiased algorithms that yield relevant and perhaps otherwise unknown matches.  The powerful combination will enhance the probability and satisfaction of your match.

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