Why have a Promoted Profile?

Be seen by over 4,500 advisors and RIAs on RIA Match!
Do you want to broadcast your intentions for growth or succession planning? While critical to most, anonymity is not needed by all advisors and RIAs on RIA Match. NextGen advisors also need to broadly announce their goals of joining a firm.

What is a Promoted Profile?

An advertisement of your identity, contact information and goals.
Promote your profile to advertise yourself or your firm to other logged in subscribers at RIA Match. Your Promoted Profile is linked to and included in your Matching Profile.

  • Be seen by all logged in subscribers at  RIA Match
  • Identify yourself,  your firm and your contact information
  • Provide a link to your firm’s website
  • Communicate directly with other subscribers

Where do Promoted Profiles appear?

Promoted Profiles appear on the Dashboard, the Match List, the Message In Box, the Library and in the sidebar of any Matching Profile being viewed. If you are promoting your profile, the Promoted Profile information is included within your Matching Profile for others to view.

Five Professional Promoted Profiles are viewable at a time and rotate each time a page is refreshed.

How much does it cost?

Be sure and  use the early adopter 33% off coupon: promoted_profiles_promo

Promoted Profile Type 3 months 6 months 1 year
NextGen Promoted Profile* $90 $135 $240
Professional Promoted Profile** $900 $1,350 $2,400

*You must have less than 5 years of professional experience to qualify for a NextGen Promoted Profile.
**Professional Promoted Profiles are for advisors with 5 or more years of experience.

Why the big difference in cost?

  • Individual Professional Promoted Profiles will be displayed in a banner ad appearing on many pages of the logged in site.
  • NextGen Promoted Profiles are accessible by a View NextGen link on the banner ad.
  • The Banner ad displays 5 Professional Promoted Profiles and rotates each time a page is refreshed.

How does it work?

  1. Register and Complete your Matching Profile (You can be a free Basic subscriber and still have a Promoted Profile.)
  2. Click on Promote My Profile.
  3. Select your Plan from the Promoted Profiles Plans and Pricing Page and checkout.
  4. Create your Promoted Profile

How will I track the interest in my Promoted Profile?

Monitor the success metrics reported on your My Promoted Profiles Page

  • How many times the Promoted Profile has been displayed
  • How many times the Matching Profile link has been clicked and the click through rate
  • How many times the external link has been clicked and the click through rate

Terms of Use

  • To qualify for NextGen Promoted Profile, you must have less than five years of experience as an advisor; all others are Professional Promoted Profiles.
  • A three month minimum advertisement is required.
  • Edit or renew your Promoted Profile at My Promoted Profile accessed from the drop down menu button My Profile at the top right.
  • Disclaimer: Your Promoted Profile will be checked for accuracy. The site administrator has the right to remove, without refund, a Promoted Profile for misrepresentation, inappropriate or offensive language.