A young New England waterman quickly became disenchanted with the wirehouse business model, his first and only exposure to wealth management. Ryan knew the importance of entrepreneurial drive and a client focused service model from his first sales job with a specialty marine clothing company. Ryan wanted to leave his Boston wirehouse, the untenable short term sales goals and his grueling commute. His ideal business vision was to be part of an RIA that was truly client centric and allowed Ryan to bring his entrepreneurial energy to the long-term growth of a holistic advisory firm.  He wanted to marry his two passions of wealth management and sailing. He wanted to be on the water.

We introduced Ryan to Chris, a fee only advisor in his early 50s. With over 2 decades’ experience and just over $100 million in AUM, Chris is implementing an active marketing plan for his firm. He is busy and up against his bandwidth to grow his firm. The older advisor in the firm is in maintenance mode and not part of the growth equation. After RIA Match’s vetting and introduction, Chris hired Ryan and immediately began delegating meaningful client work and including Ryan in client meetings. Chris now has a young advisor to contribute to the firm’s growth. Ryan has significantly reduced his commute and now works at a holistic firm that harnesses his entrepreneurial drive. Chris’s firm is on Cape Cod. Ryan is on the water.  

In Ryan’s words:

 “As an RIA Match’s platform user, I decided to call to learn more about RIA Match’s Concierge Consulting and how it might further help in achieving my career goals. RIA Match took the time to understand my unique situation and skill set to help identify and map out a strategy to find the most appropriate position and firm options. I found the process and resources second to none. I can’t thank them enough for helping me through this seemingly daunting process. Mary Ann and team have a relentless work ethic and are extremely trustworthy. In fact, Mary Ann has become a trusted mentor that I rely on to this day. RIA Match Concierge Consulting has earned my deepest respect and my highest recommendation.”