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Why Finding Young Workers Is Easy for This RIA

Added on July 2022 in Join an RIA
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Summary: As Kevin Myeroff explains it, many of his peers gripe about how difficult it is to find young talent and yet they refuse to pay up for it. “We created an apprenticeship that lasts for five years” that also “paid a working wage,” says the principal and senior strategic advisor of Akron, Ohio-based Sequoia Financial Group, a Barron’s-ranked top RIA firm. “We had to do it a different way because the traditional way was not working.”

The 10 Hottest Skillsets in the RIA Business

Added on June 2022 in Join an RIA
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Summary: Advisors want to learn how to help protect clients against life, aging and investment risk.They seem to be less interested in learning how to help clients handle more specialized kinds of life challenges.The American College of Financial Services has published data supporting that view of advisors’ goals in a new summary of results from a recent survey of 386 independent advisors at RIA firms

What Makes a Successful Advisor Transition?

Added on January 2022 in Join an RIA
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Summary: The most successful advisor transitions occur when all parties are fully focused on the process every step of the way. Transitions have a plethora of moving parts, and without full engagement from the advisory team involved, it becomes increasingly difficult to facilitate the change on your preferred (and in most cases, mission-critical) time line. Here is an example of a recent transition, focusing on two critical keys to success I have gathered from my experience in working with advisors.

Four Key Advisor Questions About Transitioning

Added on June 2020 in Join an RIA
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Summary: Transitioning away from a broker dealer to launching your own independent RIA is no small feat.  At times, the sheer number of “to-do(s)” on a list and the required details can seem overwhelming.  But having successfully transitioned dozens of advisors to the independent space, I strongly recommend advisors take a deep breath and strategically work through the comprehensive project plan.

Which schools offer the best on-campus, degree-granting programs that prepare students for careers in financial planning?

Added on February 2020 in Join an RIA
1 visitor like this article | Viewed 3248 times | 0 comment decided to find out. This ranking represents the first ever data-centric approach to measure the nation’s financial planning programs offered at colleges and universities. (The survey is limited to degree-granting, on-campus programs. Wealth Management will evaluate online, distance-learning certificate college programs in a follow-up study.) ranked these programs based on a weighted matrix of nine indicators believed to be markers of excellence. 

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