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Podcasts: An Untapped Marketing Opportunity

Added on January 2019 in Manage Your Practice
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 Summary: Financial advisors regularly struggle with time management. It’s true: You are always looking for an effective way to communicate your value proposition, balancing the need to stay in front of your clients, and communicating with your team while seeking to grow your practice by adding new clients.

Going Independent With $100 Million in Assets Under Management

Added on January 2019 in Form an RIA
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Summary: Eleven-year UBS veteran Brett Oley knew that he eventually wanted to be an independent financial advisor and planned to move within the next 10 years of his career. But he did what many would consider unthinkable: At age 35, with a new baby at home and $90 million in AUM, he started his own practice with independent broker/dealer Raymond James Financial Services. Sixteen months later, Brett and his partner, Ryan Kinser (who joined him in May 2018), are thrilled to be business owners and excited for what the future holds for them. Today, Oley Kinser Concierge Wealth has grown to $125 million in AUM and is continuing its upward trajectory.

10 biggest breakaways of Q4

Added on January 2019 in Join an RIA
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Summary: There were 147 breakaway broker moves in the fourth quarter of 2018, which marked a 35% spike above the historical breakaway average, according to Echelon Partners. Following are 10 moves that helped tip the scales, listed under the name of the firm the team is joining.

Investors Sought Out RIAs in 2018 Amid Market Volatility, Latest TD Ameritrade Institutional Survey Says

Added on January 2019 in Other Ideas
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SummaryLooking ahead, RIAs expect the growth trend to continue. Advisors are approaching 2019 with their usual pragmatic optimism, keeping the daily market drama in perspective. They say that U.S. interest rates, corporate earnings and international trade issues are what matter most to client portfolios.

Four Tips for RIAs Looking to be Acquired

Added on January 2019 in M&A Issues
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Summary: According to Echelon Partners, the merger and acquisitions consulting firm, the average RIA tripled its revenues between 2010 and 2017. Although this growth is strong, firms are facing intensified pressure to achieve even greater scale with long-term endurance. The result? Many are turning toward mergers or acquisition strategies to reach those goals.

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