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Fostering Innovation and Change

Added on November 2022 in Thought Leadership
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Summary: My favorite thing about teaching amazing young students who are eager to learn is that every chance I have to share something, I get something in return. It’s truly a gift to me.To foster change, innovation and open-minded attitudes, consider the following.

Three Active RIA Acquirers on What It Costs to Create a 'Profitable' Deal

Added on November 2022 in M&A Issues
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Summary: It’s important for a registered investment advisor to hire the right lawyer when selling their firm—but there are little more than a handful in the U.S. who have the specialization. An investment banker may not be necessary to succeed in a transaction—but it’s increasingly far better to have one. And don’t forget to reward support staff through the post-sale integration process—they are, after all, doing all the heavy lifting.

RIA Edge Podcast: Raj Bhattacharyya: The State of Play in RIA M&A

Added on November 2022 in M&A Issues
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Summary: Robertson Stephens', CEO Raj Bhattacharyya, discusses the latest trends in the M&A market and how an increase in deals within the past year might impact the future needs and wants of buyers,

What's Worrying Advisors on the Eve of the SEC Ad Rule?

Added on November 2022 in Form an RIA
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Summary: The commission’s rule update on advertising and marketing reaches its compliance date on Friday, and experts are warning firms to make sure they’re ready.

The RIA's secret to organic growth

Added on November 2022 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: Increasing your investment in marketing can boost organic growth, especially during a downturn. Here’s how to do it while keeping return on investment in mind.


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