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ICYMI: My Story - March 19

Added on March 2019 in M&A Issues
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Summary: Are you looking to add an experienced CFP? Someone who is as comfortable generating new business as creating plans in eMoney?  I have 8+ years of solid RIA experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a growing client base on monthly retainer ready to bring with me. I started my RIA 3 years ago and I am looking to grow faster by merging into a larger firm seeking growth.  ‚Äč

5 building blocks to becoming a successful buyer

Added on March 2019 in M&A Issues
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Summary: There are more than 12,000 SEC-registered investment advisers in the United States trying to differentiate and grow their businesses across the competitive and fragmented RIA space — a veritable Wild West of firms at the forefront of change.

A Best-of-All-Worlds Model: Full-Service Independence with Equity Upside

Added on March 2019 in Join an RIA
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Summary: [Podcast] With over two decades in the wealth management industry, Jim Gold watched “the quality of life erode dramatically” at the wirehouse and felt that the window of opportunity to build something better was open. So in 2013, he left the senior leadership ranks at Morgan Stanley and along with several others built Steward Partners as a “reaction to the cultural shift inside of the traditional firms,” and with a nod to the best of “the old Wall Street model of a partnership.”

Young Customers Find Digital Brands More 'Relatable' Than Big Banks: Survey

Added on March 2019 in Other Ideas
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Summary: The biggest drivers were double-digit scores above the index median on competence and character. Marcus, Venmo and Finn are digital-savvy brands that meet and often exceed customers’ expectations of their products and services, according to BrandCap.

Merger mania: Why consolidation in the RIA space is about to explode

Added on March 2019 in M&A Issues
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Summary: The steady increase in merger and acquisition activity in the registered investment advisory space over the past six years might seem impressive to some, but for industry players like Ron Carson, the party is just getting started.

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