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What Makes a Successful Advisor Transition?

Added on January 2022 in Join an RIA
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Summary: The most successful advisor transitions occur when all parties are fully focused on the process every step of the way. Transitions have a plethora of moving parts, and without full engagement from the advisory team involved, it becomes increasingly difficult to facilitate the change on your preferred (and in most cases, mission-critical) time line. Here is an example of a recent transition, focusing on two critical keys to success I have gathered from my experience in working with advisors.

Financial Planning in the Era of the Great Resignation

Added on January 2022 in Plan for the Future
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Summary: How important is it for financial advisors to understand the economic and societal impact of the Great Resignation? The significance of this tumultuous labor force disruption is validated by its 2021 entry in Wikipedia, and the 10 million Google hits for that phrase. Over 40 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. Some employers are so desperate for staffing, they are advertising “Apply today, work today, get paid today.

Important tech stack lessons from breakaway advisors

Added on January 2022 in Form an RIA
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Summary: [Whitepaper] The right technology is essential to an RIA’s value prop and a critical means to differentiate from the competition. Breakaway advisors have faced the challenge – and now they’re sharing their secrets:

RIAs Expect M&A Surge to Continue in 2022

Added on January 2022 in M&A Issues
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Summary:  Sixty-three percent of RIAs in a recent survey said they expect merger-and-acquisition activity to continue to increase this year, DeVoe & Co. reported this week. Forty-seven percent of advisors said activity would rise somewhat, and 16% said it would do so considerably.


Advisers struggle with data security — and worry about the consequences

Added on January 2022 in Other Ideas
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Summary: The majority of global financial service institutions are facing serious issues related to securing their stored data, which will likely only increase as cybersecurity attacks become more prevalent. A recent survey released by data storage company Continuity found that more than two-thirds of respondents believe an attack on their storage environment will have a “significant” or “catastrophic” impact on their business.

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