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Top RIAs Discuss Pathways to Leadership and Growth

Added on June 2022 in Other Ideas
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Summary: At the inaugural RIA EDGE conference held at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Fla., last week, the event’s RIA CEO All Star panel discussed best practices on leading and growing an advisory firm in today’s environment. And while the panel was not designed to be all-female, it did turn out that way, an indication of the strides that females execs have made in the wealth management industry.

The 10 Hottest Skillsets in the RIA Business

Added on June 2022 in Join an RIA
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Summary: Advisors want to learn how to help protect clients against life, aging and investment risk.They seem to be less interested in learning how to help clients handle more specialized kinds of life challenges.The American College of Financial Services has published data supporting that view of advisors’ goals in a new summary of results from a recent survey of 386 independent advisors at RIA firms

Why Half of Mercer's 500 Advisors Are Women

Added on June 2022 in Plan for the Future
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SummaryMercer Advisors is uncommon in an industry that “sorely struggles with diversity,” as CEO Dave Welling frames it. Indeed, about half of Mercer’s 500 advisors are women, he tells ThinkAdvisor in an interview.


The Ins and Outs of RIA Insurance

Added on June 2022 in Form an RIA
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Summary: For registered investment advisors, a lot can go wrong, including a bad trade on a client’s behalf, accidentally sending money to a bad actor instead of a client, or having computer systems get hacked. That’s when good insurance can provide important protection.


Trying to Lure FAs? Give Them an Equity Stake

Added on May 2022 in Form an RIA
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Summary: Registered investment advisor firms are offering employees equity ownership to get them more invested in the success of the practice and to provide an avenue for succession planning.

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