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Advisers struggle with data security — and worry about the consequences

Added on January 2022 in Other Ideas
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Summary: The majority of global financial service institutions are facing serious issues related to securing their stored data, which will likely only increase as cybersecurity attacks become more prevalent. A recent survey released by data storage company Continuity found that more than two-thirds of respondents believe an attack on their storage environment will have a “significant” or “catastrophic” impact on their business.

16 Inspirational New Year's Resolutions of Financial Advisors

Added on January 2022 in Other Ideas
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Summary: Enter the new year’s resolution, an intention to improve our personal or professional lives in some consequential way. You may be wondering what personal goals your colleagues around the world are pursuing. To find out, asked advisors to share their resolutions for 2022. We picked 16 that strike us as particularly insightful and inspiring. Perhaps you will find one or two among the resolutions highlighted here to inspire you to make and keep one of your own.

Consolidation, private equity, customized portfolios: What RIA leaders think will happen to their sector in 2022

Added on December 2021 in Other Ideas
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Summary: Two years ago, 2020 dawned with high expectations for the RIA universe. But no one predicted what actually happened: the pandemic, a market crash and then a rapid boom, followed by a vast reordering of priorities for both clients and advisors as many shifted to work from home.

The best books for financial advisors

Added on May 2021 in Other Ideas
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Summary: We asked industry leaders and wealth management executives what books they would recommend about business, finance or economics. Some told us that they would suggest reading books on innovation or even life hacks, because they're useful for practice management (and managing the rest of your life.

7 Predictions for Advisors & Firms in 2021

Added on December 2020 in Other Ideas
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Summary: From Wall Street to Main Street, broker-dealers, RIAs and financial advisors deserve a lot of credit for responding so nimbly to the crisis.Advisors and their firms showed they’re able to both service clients and grow their businesses during this challenging time.


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