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How To Make Your Compliance Department A Strategic Partner

Added on March 2024 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: Concurrent CCO Describes A Collaborative Approach To Compliance And Three Steps To Establish A Compliance-As-Partner Culture


5 Tips for Leveraging Online Dating Best Practices for Success on RIA Match

Added on February 2024 in Blog
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Unveil the Three Faces of RIA Match: Navigate Client Personas for a Fulfilling Experience

Added on January 2024 in Blog
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Welcome to the dynamic world of RIA Match, where financial advisors of all types converge in search of meaningful connections. As with any online platform, users exhibit diverse behaviors, forming distinct personas that shape their experience. In this blog, we'll explore three client personas on RIA Match: 'The disillusioned,' 'The dabbler,' and 'The super user.' We'll delve into specific actions each persona can take to enhance their journey on the platform.

7 ways independent wealth management firms are consolidating

Added on December 2023 in M&A Issues
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Summary: Wealth management M&A momentum is accelerating at the end of 2023, as the macroeconomic headwinds that threw dealmaking off its previous record-breaking pace recede into calmer air.

Coach or Consultant? Find the Right Fit for Your Business

Added on December 2023 in Thought Leadership
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Summary: Whether you’re overworked, understaffed, or just unsure of where to go next with your business, there are a million experts who claim they can solve your issues fast and secure you unprecedented growth.

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