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Pandemic makes improving financial literacy more important than ever

Added on March 2020 in Plan for the Future
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Summary: Our world has drastically changed over the last few weeks as the coronavirus disrupted the economy. That just makes the work of improving Americans’ financial awareness and financial literacy all the more important as we approach National Financial Literacy Month in April.

WEBINAR: Cyber Security Work-from-Home Best Practices

Added on March 2020 in Manage Your Practice
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Tuesday, March 31st at 2pm ET / 1pm CT / 11 am PT

In this educational webinar, we will discuss why best tech management practices become even more critical in the evolving work-from-home business environment.  Learn more

Topics addressed include:

  • Contingency/Continuity planning
  • Managing work-from-home issues
  • Phishing email scams
  • Resources for RIAs and their clients

Register Here

How RIAs, Other Firms Are Stepping Up During Crisis

Added on March 2020 in Manage Your Practice
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SummaryXY Planning Network advisors are offering free emergency financial advice to anyone who has lost a job, lost income from reduced work hours or taken unpaid sick leave as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Boss Falls Asleep When I Meet With Him

Added on February 2020 in Other Ideas
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Summary: This might seem like an odd question to pose, but I am frustrated and not sure what to do. Our lead advisor is generally a great guy, very kind and fun. In a group setting he is gregarious and upbeat and always goes out of his way to make all of us feel special and appreciated. ‚Äč

Enhance Cyber Policies Now to Avoid SEC Enforcement Actions

Added on February 2020 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: Advisors better move quickly to enhance their cybersecurity policies and operational infrastructures to respond to a report recently issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance and Inspections.

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