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Should CEOs Interview Every New Hire?

Added on January 2019 in Plan for the Future
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Summary: Our firm is running full tilt and has been growing significantly over the last few years. Our founder has been personally involved in every single hire we’ve made from our inception 14 years ago. Our growth has forced us to hire people perhaps a bit more quickly than we would have preferred, but we haven’t had much choice because our workload is growing exponentially. ‚Äč

United Capital Launches Mobile App for Investors

Added on January 2019 in Other Ideas
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Summary: United Capital said Wednesday that it has enhanced its GuideCenter web portal to offer a mobile app so that clients have direct access to their advisors and can track their financial goals.

RIAs saw 18% growth in assets and revenues in 2018, TD Ameritrade survey finds

Added on January 2019 in Other Ideas
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Summary: Registered investment advisory firms, on average, increased assets and revenues by 18% in 2018, according to an annual survey of RIA sentiment conducted by TD Ameritrade Institutional. The firm cited market volatility and investors' preference for independent advice as key drivers of the gains, noting that 63% of advisers are somewhat or very optimistic about the economy for 2019 and 47% expect stock prices to rise.

Mercer Advisors Acquires a Bay Area RIA

Added on January 2019 in M&A Issues
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Summary: “M&A in wealth management is red hot — there is a frothiness out there,” Dave Barton, vice chairman of Mercer Advisors, said during a panel discussion at last month’s MarketCounsel Summit in Las Vegas.

Featured Story: NexGen Advisor in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Looking for the Right Fit

Added on January 2019 in Other Ideas
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Summary: Greetings! NexGen advisor with back office experience desires field opportunity. Seeking a good fit and an authentic partnership with a tenured professional who values authenticity and service above all else.

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