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How a Lack of Succession Planning Can Kill M&A Deals

Added on May 2023 in Plan for the Future
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Summary: Over the last four years, Hightower has completed more than 45 deals and built a team soley focused on acquisitions, including calling and researching RIAs. Oros said the firm evaluates succession plans as part of every transaction. A lack of succession planning has even killed a couple of the company’s potential deals.

How to Get Employees to Lead Themselves

Added on April 2023 in Manage Your Practice
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Subject: Reframe professional development review meetings to put the onus on the employee to hold themselves accountable.


RIA Aggregators Shift from Buyer to Seller

Added on April 2023 in M&A Issues
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Subject: The dynamics are shifting in the RIA M&A space, and recent events will likely spur a rise in small aggregators merging or selling to larger enterprises, argues NewEdge Advisors’ Alex Goss.


How Advisors Can Use AI to Better Serve Clients

Added on April 2023 in Form an RIA
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Summary: ChatGPT set records this year for the fastest-growing user base, and when you look what other popular apps such as TikTok and Facebook have done to change our society, it’s hard to wonder what exactly will be the effects of this new AI.

Emerging RIA Trends That Can't Be Ignored

Added on January 2023 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: As DeCenso explains in the Q&A dialogue presented below, the prospects for growth remain highly compelling. Simply put, as the financial lives of Americans at all wealth levels grow increasingly complex, the services of skilled advisors are in higher and higher demand.

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