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IBD Channel Faces Exodus to RIAs: Cerulli

Added on May 2024 in Form an RIA
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Summary: Thirty-two percent of independent broker-dealer advisors have considered opening an RIA in the past 12 months, and 3% of these have given the idea serious thought, Cerulli Associates reported Tuesday.


A leader who understands the value of mentorship

Added on May 2024 in Thought Leadership
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Summary: Serving at the helm of Wealthspire’s New York City office, the firm’s largest contributor with over 40 percent of the assets under management, Zach Gering holds the dual roles of financial advisor and office lead. Gering says he ultimately wants to be a mentor to up-and-coming financial advisors.

3 Ways to Boost Your Services — and Your Advisory Fees

Added on April 2024 in Form an RIA
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SummaryThe fee-for-service model has emerged as a mainstream opportunity for advisory firms to attract next-generation clients, a previously untapped client market, according to a report from AdvicePay. The report suggests three ways that advisors can incorporate fee-for-service financial planning into their larger practices and appeal to new clientele.


Ways to network better with CPAs

Added on April 2024 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: A study found that after firms' current clients, accountants provide the most referrals, contributing almost 11 percent of a firm's new prospects.

How I'm Setting Up Generation Alpha for Financial Success

Added on April 2024 in M&A Issues
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Summary: Generation Alpha–born from the early 2010s to the mid-2020s–will be the largest and most connected generation in history. Plus, their economic footprint is expected to wield as much spending power as Millennials and Gen Z combined, by the year 2029.


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