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As RIA Industry Matures, M&A Is Here To Stay

Added on February 2023 in M&A Issues
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Summary: John Furey is the Founder and Managing Partner of Advisor Growth Strategies (AGS), the firm he launched in 2009 to help business owners advance their financial advisory firms. Since the inception of AGS, John has worked with over 300 firms representing $400+ billion in investable assets. AGS has been trusted to help with some of the most important strategic decisions in the lifecycle of advisory including structuring new entities, optimizing business performance, and transaction advisory (M&A).

RIA Edge Roundup: No Holiday for RIA M&A

Added on January 2023 in M&A Issues
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Summary: In the first week of the new year, active acquirers in the registered investment advisor space announced a spate of new transactions. Some got done last year, but others closed this week or are slated for this quarter. Not a comprehensive list, these deals may indicate the RIA M&A market will remain vigorous in 2023

RIA Leaders Fear CPA Retirements Could Complicate Planning Efforts

Added on January 2023 in Plan for the Future
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Summary: As Mike Leverty, the founder and CEO of Leverty Financial Group in Wisconsin, recently told ThinkAdvisor, the work of serving clients in 2023 is about so much more than picking stocks and bonds. A big reason why, Leverty says, is the fact that individuals’ financial lives have themselves become so much more complicated, especially when it comes to planning for retirement.


From $1Million/month to $1Million/year \- timing matters in selling your business

Added on December 2022 in Thought Leadership
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SummaryIf you had a business that was doing ok, then had a surge in business, how would that impact selling your business?

What Advisors Don't Get About Brand Awareness

Added on December 2022 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: While we’re accustomed to branding cars. soft drinks and toothpaste, the planning profession has been reluctant to use this approach. As a result, the public sees all financial advisory firms as pretty much the same.

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