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Advisory firms still reluctant to hire newbies

Added on June 2011 in Join an RIA
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Summary: There are probably more financial planning jobs available than at any other time since before the 2008 market crash, but that doesn't mean that it is any easier for employers and entry-level job hunters to make a deal. Solo practitioners are second-guessing their abilities to spot good candidates and to train them. Large firms, meanwhile, are reluctant to invest in training new recruits for fear that they will be lured away once they develop profitable books of business. 

Advisory firms looking to hire, but are the candidates any good?

Added on May 2011 in Join an RIA
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Summary: A brief discussion of the pros and cons of joining or forming an RIA. The article quotes Caleb Brown, managing partner of New Planner Recruiting, which could be a good source for new planners. Both the firms and the planners express frustration with finding the right fit. The good news is that both RIAs and broker-dealers plan to hire this year, and some plan to make substantial additions.

Why so few breakaways? Too much regulation, says Pershing exec

Added on June 2011 in Join an RIA
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Summary: Oppressive regulation is having an impact on the number of breakaway advisers, according to Mark Tibergien, president of Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC. The challenges are causing advisory firms to consider merging with similar firms to ease compliance and operational burdens, he added. "Exams are focused on a process and the people coming in to do exams are not knowledgeable and informed." Tibergien said.

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