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7 Habits of Highly Successful Advisory Firms

Added on November 2013 in Manage Your Practice
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Summary: Call it the secret sauce, the black box or the hidden magic: What, exactly, do high-performing advisory firms do differently than their less successful peers? Fidelity Investments drew back the curtain last week, offering key insights from the firm’s latest RIA Benchmarking Study to a packed room of advisors attending Fidelity’s annual Inside Track NYC Conference.

Why You Shouldn't Name Your Firm After Yourself

Added on November 2013 in Plan for the Future
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Summary: When veteran financial advisors Eric Clark and Cheryl Sherrard were trying to come up with a moniker for their new practice, they were determined to keep their names out of it. “We didn’t want the brand tied to anyone in the firm,” says Clark, president of 10-month-old Clearview Wealth Management, a practice in Charlotte, N.C., with about $52 million under management. “You have to think ahead 10 or 25 years, when the people now involved may be retired or even at other firms.”

Taking control of your future: scale, value and certainty

Added on October 2013 in Thought Leadership
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Summary: Most advisors think about their future in terms of growing their business, working with clients to achieve great outcomes, developing employees and achieving work/life balance. aRIA had its second meeting in October 2012 and came up with a shared point of view of what each member is striving for in their business.

Advisor M&A: 4 Hot-Button Issues

Added on October 2013 in M&A Issues
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Summary: Whenever advisors discuss mergers and acquisitions, a handful of hot-button issues invariably dominate the conversation. And two prominent industry M&A experts offered some spirited discussions on a few of these contentious issues at the Deals & Deal Makers Summit in Santa Monica, Calif.

Custodians Invest in Colleges to Breed New Advisers

Added on October 2013 in Join an RIA
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Summary: The effort to groom more financial advisers at colleges, instead of relying on retail brokerages' training programs, has won support from the deep-pocketed companies that serve as custodians for registered investment advisers.

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